Fall and Spring Cleanup

Throughout the year, the different seasons drastically impact a lawn and landscaping. That’s why it is important to both clean up after the last season and prepare for the new one. We can ensure that your landscape is well protected throughout unpredictable seasons and save you the trouble of yard work in order to keep a healthy lawn

We provide leaf blowing and leaf removal in the early spring to ready your lawn for the new growing season. Removing these leaves can revive your lawn, optimizing its health and green color.

Spring Cleanup

  • Litter, garbage and debris which has accumulated over the winter months will be collected and removed.
  • Lawn and grass areas will be cleared of dead grass and leaves.
  • Shrubs and trees less then 7’ which show winter damage or have broken branches will be pruned.
  • Shrubbery and flower beds will be cultivated and edged.
  • Sucker shoots on tree trunks and at base of trees will be removed.
  • Sidewalk and curb edges will be edged and swept.

Fall Cleanup

  • Lawn and grass areas will be given a final mowing and trimming.
  • Flowerbeds will be cleared of dead plants and perennials will be cut back.
  • Areas will be raked and dead leaves and grass will be disposed of.
  • Sucker shoots on tree trunks and at base of trees will be removed.
  • Parking lot and drive edges swept.
  • Litter, garbage and debris will be collected and disposed of.


Importance of Fall and Spring Cleanup

Spring is another time of the year that we recommend yard cleaning. During the spring, some trees shed their final leaves to make room for new blossoms. Of course, once those blossoms fall, your driveway, walkways, and parking lots will be covered. Spring storms can litter a landscape with limbs and other debris which can encourage fungal growth if not cleaned up. Unwelcome critters may also make their homes in the debris.

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fall and spring cleanup

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