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Mulching is a process of covering the soil and make more favorable conditions for the plant’s growth. It helps retain moisture in the warmer months and keeping your garden insulated during the winter.

At Yaeger Property Services, we understand the need for quality mulch to keep your garden healthy, tidy, and weed-free. We also offer regular re-mulching to keep your garden beds always looking their best.

If your garden needs mulching, we can help you select the right type for your plants and space, and carefully and professionally apply it to your garden beds.

Our Mulching Services

The correct application of mulch is about more than weed prevention. Good-quality mulching will also help to retain water in the soil, by acting as an insulation layer – often essential in the NY summer. The type of mulch you need to use in your garden will depend on many things, including the variety of plants you have, the effect it will have on your soil, the level of durability required, preferred appearance, cost, and availability.

Re-mulching is also important, to ensure your plant beds remain in peak condition throughout the year. Depending on your plants and soil, we’ll determine which mulch will be most beneficial to your garden. Based on our skills and experience in garden maintenance, we’ll also ensure mulch is laid to the right depth; ensuring correct water penetration and weed prevention.

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Why not contract your work to our reliable and professional team? We will work within your budget and perform the task you require, all on a great schedule that meets your needs.



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